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Teamnet is a One-Stop electronics design house. Our experise is in electronics, embedded systems, digital devices, algorithms and software development. Solutions and devices developed by our teams are now in operation around the world. We provide design solutions for custom electronics & existing reference designs products and applications in Telemetry, IoT, Industrial IoT and Motor ECU, for medium to large scale field deployments. We offer full-cycle hardware and software development services.


Controllers for BLDC, SR and EC Motors

Motor controls come in all shapes and sizes.  Whether your application is a drive motor for a small, hand-held drill or saw, a fan motor for a vehicle application, or a kilowatt-sized motor/generator for aerospace applications, Teamnet has the knowledge to make your control a reality.

Full range of motor control solutions for your brushless DC (BLDC) motor, switched reluctance (SR) motor, or electrically commuted (EC) motor application. We provide hardware solutions that interface three-phase inverters to control your brushless DC motor or induction machine using custom and/or Commercial-Off-The-Shelf components.  We can design your electronic motor controls for low power (a few watts) to high power (tens of kilowatts) systems and for a variety of harsh environments (temperature, vibration, altitude, etc.). Our designs can use microcontrollers, FPGAs, or motor-control-specific driver circuits.  Drive circuitry can be single FETs forming an inverter, integrated half-bridge drivers, or fully integrated three-phase inverter technology.   Our in-house engineers design hardware solutions for BLDC and induction motor controls, schematics, and printed circuit boards to fit into custom enclosures of varying physical dimensions, as called out by your specific application. Additionally, our designers produce designs capable of driving sensor-based or sensorless applications.

Our in-house software team helps with software design, designing implementing, and verifying your motor control solutions.  Whether it is using conventional six-step commutation based on Hall Effect Sensors, back EMF detection methods or Field-Oriented-Control for sensorless brushless DC control, or sinusoidal PWM utilizing Harmonic Elimination techniques for control of BLDC and induction machines, Teamnet can provide a full software solution that interfaces your motor to its electronic controls.  Teamnet's control software can be designed for single quadrant, two quadrant, or four quadrant control to allow for uni- or bidirectional rotation, depending upon your application.



Smart Controller for Solar Pumps with BLDC Motor

3kW and 5kW

IP54 and IP67


Industrial-grade Rugged

Teamnet Cloud Application


FPAA based Fibre Optic Charge to Voltage Converter

Measure pressure shock waves generated from blast
Measure velocity of signal
Fiber optic-based blast gauge
Configurable analog processing controller


High Voltage BLDC Motor Controller

For BLDC Motors from 50W to 3.5kW

230V AC Input, 360V DC Input

Adjustable frequency and PWM duty cycle

Soft Start Feature

Power Factory Correction


Controller for Ceiling Fan BLDC Motor

For BLDC Motors from 25W to 50W

Sensor / Sensorless

IR Remote / RF Remote Control



Power Factory Correction

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