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Strategy, HR, Learning & Development

Strategic management is the comprehensive collection of ongoing activities and processes that organizations use to systematically coordinate and align resources and actions with the mission, vision, and strategy throughout the organization structure. We understand that it is not enough to simply create goals, plans and measurement tools. It is also critical to transcend hierarchies and communicate these ideas in an articulate manner so that the people who are actually contributing to attaining business goals know the how’s and why’s.

We believe that a motivated and productive workforce is an organization’s biggest competitive asset and critical to the performance of any organization. We help organizations to objectively analyze their workforce challenges and thus improve HR function effectiveness.

We support organizations in improving their business performance through innovative and creative learning interventions. A conducive learning environment is something no organization should compromise on. To amplify your employees’ strengths, increase their leadership capabilities and have them acquire new skill sets, learning and development is an indispensable function for a progressive organization.

Vision, Mission, Values

We work with our client's senior management team members to help them articulate the very basic tenets of their business – reason for their existence, definition of success and core operating principles for their organization.

Balanced Scorecard

Helping them articulate their business strategy and also manage its successful implementation using the highly acclaimed BSC framework. We take pride in successful deployment of 350+ BSCs.

Business Planning

We assist clients operationalise their business strategy into tangible and actionable elements by converting the same into business plans.

Organizational Restructuring

We believe that organization structure should enable successful execution of the future strategy. Several change management challenges arise while redesigning and deploying this futuristic organization structure. We proactively help clients identify implementation risks and provide ways to mitigate them.

HR Policies and Processes

We assist in developing and implementing customized HR policies and processes that ensure healthy work environment and promote employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

Performance Management

We offer a robust and comprehensive Performance Management System that includes appraisal, reward and recognition, incentives, training needs, career and succession planning.

Competency Modelling

We develop a competency model that is relevant and very specific to the client’s needs and also map various positions to the different maturity levels of the competencies identified.

Strategy Management Masterclass

We facilitate customized workshops that help executives gain a deeper understanding of key tools and techniques required for successful Strategy Management.

First Time Managers (FTM) Orientation

This learning program is aimed at enabling new managers with a 'big picture' view of the organization. It hand-holds employees to move from individual contributors to results-driven people managers.

In Depth Market Knowledge

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Competency Assessment and Development

We help in designing and implementing assessment centers for all levels, to drive a culture of talent management. This offering is driven in partnership with Upohan's trusted Associates.

Management and Leadership Development Programs

We offer customized learning programs on topics such as team building, industry awareness, business context understanding, business communication, role-goal clarity, key management subjects, to equip executives with an understanding of complex global marketplace and core business functions. These programs inspire and develop individuals to assume leadership roles and drive organizational change.

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