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ERP Consulting and Implementation

Over 5,000 companies have made themselves ready for the next generation of enterprise. Rated by Gartner published "ERP Frontrunners". Let's get started.

Integration Services

(Software & Systems)

With millions of applications available on the market which do you choose? Why not implement multiple best of breed specialty software applications that integrate / automate together to produce the best most efficient outcome. Integration can save you time, money and typically provides a high return on investment.

Software development for
Web and Mobile

Can't find an off the shelf software application that fits your needs or perhaps you have an idea for a new mobile app that you want developed? We provide the full range of custom software development service across many devices and platforms.

Software Modernization

Legacy software modernization that enhances visibility and performance in the enterprise. We upgrade, rewrite and re-architect your legacy software for better usage and performance of enterprise mission critical activities.

Made in India

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