Data Analytics
& Publishing

Teamnet has developed an in-house template-based software for creating multi-lingual documents and publications. The software uses your data to generate visualisations that can be then edited in MS Excel before finalising in PDF format. The software automatically updates Commentary for explaining the visualisations to the readers. Go ahead and present your data as documents and publications.

We help you save significant time and cost, removing the need for laborious manual working and the inevitable costs of human error. Our customers confirm significant reduction in cost and time expenditure, often as much as 90%—allowing staff to focus on other productive business goals.

Check out our featured work that we have been doing for more than 15 years for Maharashtra State Crime Investigation Department. Our on-premise software connects to the crime database and using the pre-designed templates generates more than 1400 pages of crime trends, insights as well as statistics at the click of a button. Following are the publications created using our software,

Crime in Maharashtra - 2018

Crime in Maharashtra - 2018.png

Crime in Maharashtra - 2017

Crime in Maharashtra - 2017.png

Crime in Maharashtra - 2016

Crime in Maharashtra - 2016.png