Track each item throughout the entire manufacturing process to ensure efficiency, accuracy, traceability and profitability. 
Gain visibility into every step of the process to track time between each stage and identify bottlenecks.  

3D Simulation

& Optimisation

Emulate the look and feel of the real system, so it’s easier to see and understand what’s going on. Build trust with your customers by demonstrating realistic simulation of order execution with dates.

Inventory Planning

& Automation

Plan inventory by computing safety stocks, reordering frequencies and quantities based on inventory policies. Automate using Barcode, RFID, IoT, Automated Robots and Drones.

Vehicle Load


Visualise your packing plan in 3D. Different packing modes. Optimise cargo loadings by minimising free volumes and considering unloading sequence without overloading vehicle axles.


Shipment Tracking

Enterprise-wide Supply Chain visibility across various modes of transport – Rail, Road, Ship, Air and Courier. Easily allow stakeholder, inside and outside the organisation, collaborate through a central platform.

Visual Factory

Lean tools to support your strategic goals. Improve productivity and output using
clear, simplified instructions in complex environments.
Build safer workplace, reduce errors and generate
higher profits.

Machine Metrics


Connect your machines,  visualize plant layout, monitor in real-time. Improve operator productivity, improve maintenance, improve OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).



Economics based Algorithms: Picking Cost, Replenishment Cost, Space Cost. Optimised slotting. 3D Warehouse Model Built in AutoCAD. Reports and Visual Heat Maps.

Production Planning

& Scheduling

Generate finite-capacity production plans and schedules constrained by staff and material availability, lead time, and resource capacity. Deliver on time, Use resources better and boost productivity.

Vehicle & Route


Select auto-generated optimal routes from one or many, depots to multiple customers considering a set of constraints. Deliver in time while minimising cost of the routes and the number of vehicles.

Sub-Contract Job

Quality Monitoring

Eliminate non-conformance and continuously improve Operations, Quality and the Bottom Line. Validate material based on Material Test Specifications.

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