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Naval Systems

Management System

Comprehensive system with hardware and software to easily manage ship refit activities. Built-in Stability Calculator, Hot-Work Assignment, Material Manager and User-Permissions Management. Barcode/RFID integration for material and people tracking.

Environment Monitoring System

Our ultra-long lasting battery Sensor Tags are weatherproof and capable of sending temperature, humidity, pressure and motion information directly to your mobile phone using Bluetooth or over long distances using Wirepas Mesh Network. Applications are limitless as our sensors open a world of possibilities around you.

Asset Health Monitoring System

Our Wireless Sensors and Bots monitor various functional parameters of the assets. To get started just attached our sensors to your assets like Pumps, Motors, Fans, Compressors etc. AI module then performs predictive, preventive & prescriptive**maintenance for efficiency and readiness.

Monitoring System

Rugged and Robust hardware coupled with graphical software to plan and monitor rounds of all locations to be visited, observations to be recorded and to collect environmental parameters. Quickly get notified of deviations and generate various reports for workflow approval. 

Management System

Exclusively designed for Navy, our system provides single-window into all gangway operations to quartermasters and officers. Users realise improved productivity, secure data storage, faster processing and fail-safe working using latest in automation and identification technologies. 

Machinery-Turn Monitoring System

Our machinery-turn monitoring system is up to 10x more 
cost-efficient solution to apply in existing valves compared 
to typical valve replacements. The system can be used offline as well as online for accurately monitoring valve position for several types of manual rotary valves including ball, butterfly and globe valves. 

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