Management Systems

Time-Clocking Hardware

Compact and sleek devices with practical, elegant and cost-effective user interface for clocking in and out of the premises.

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Application Bridge


Leverage your existing applications and increase ROI using our middleware for consolidating and managing multi-OEM systems for time attendance, access control, parking and surveillance.

SAP Integration

Raw as well as Processed data can be integrated with 
SAP system to provide a holistic solution for attendance registration related tasks and security for a wide range of customers. Our system is recognized by SAP users as a flexible solution for managing working hours and payrolls.

Time & Attendance Software

Multi-Lingual GDPR-compliant Time & Attendance software being used in 30 countries on Desktop, Web & Mobile. Works with Time Clocks, Access Controllers and Milestone Surveillance.

Contractor Compliance Software

Analyse, Measure and Improve Compliance Levels of your Contractors. Fully configurable, easy to use and policy-based. Receive automatic alerts and notifications on exceptions.

Net Hours & Compliance Software

High-Performance computation engine to calculate Net-Hours across locations, facilities, floors and ODCs. Portal with built-in Forms Designer, Report Builder, Workflow and Notification manager.

Payroll Outsourcing Service

Leverage the benefits of working with payroll experts and easy to use portal. We honour compliance, organise data, calculate accurately, support employee queries and prepare the required documentations.

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