Teamwork network

Established in 2005 as a technology solution provider, Teamnet Solutions Pvt Ltd (a.k.a. Teamnet) have come a long-way in working with multi-national companies, Forbes Top-100 and Top-500 companies, leading organisations, corporates and government establishments. 

Quick Facts:

  • Value-driven approach.

  • Focus on innovation and growth.

  • Cutting-edge technology.

  • Experts in Systems Integration.

  • Faster rollout times.

  • Delivering competitive Real-time, High-performance systems.


  • Computer vision-based defect identification.

  • SAP (ERP) integration with Non-SAP system and 3rd Party applications.

  • ERP consulting and implementation.

  • Integration of Physical Security Systems, Building Management System and Facility Management System. 

  • Design data-lake solution with real-time analytics.

  • Analyse Data, Create Visualisations, Write Commentary for Quarterly Bulletins, Weekly Reports, Monthly Reports, Publications and more.


Delivering the outstanding value to customers starts with strong partnership. Take the next step in your business strategy and start collaborating with us. Our commitment to constantly improve is essential for continued growth and shared success.  Let’s join forces and reach new targets together. Contact Us